SEEB – Free To Go

Das norwegische Produzentenduo SEEB veröffentlicht heute ihren neuesten Track „Free To Go“, featuring Highasakite. „Free To Go“ ist der Nachfolger des Singlehits “Grip” ft. Bastille, der bislang weltweit über 70 Millionen Streams verzeichnen kann.

Für „Free To Go“ haben SEEB ein außergewöhnliches Video kreiert. Der Clip ist eine Zusammenarbeit mit der Produktionsfirma Ealin aus Tokio. Das Kreativteam erschuf einen handgezeichneten Anime-Clip, der eine düstere Zukunftswelt zeigt.

Dazu SEEB: “When we create music, we always have a strong image in our mind of how the music video or the visual aspect of the music should look. With ‘Free to go’, that was something that was really clear, right from when we very first started working on it. Anime, cyberpunk, sci-fi and fantasy have always been a big part of our lives – as much as literature, cartoons and films were. From sci-fi novels, to early European and Japanese sci-fi cartoons by people like Masamune and Moebius and movies like Akira, Spirits of the past, the Cowboy Bebop series and mainstream directors like Miyazaki – who has some of the most epic soundtracks of all time for his films. When we had the chance to decide for ourselves what we wanted to do with the visuals for ‘Free to go’, we immediately jumped on this and wanted to see if we could have an anime video created for it; something we’ve been waiting for the opportunity to do.

The style of futuristic sci-fi anime was obvious for ‘Free to go’, as it was in the back of our minds when we worked on the music and it gave a deeper meaning to the lyrics of the song. The harmonic progression and Ingrid’s haunting, almost mournful voice in it had us think of a futuristic, almost post-apocalyptic anime love story set far into the future. We wanted to capture the futuristic and dark synth soundscape with a story full of both despair and hope.”

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