Sample Music Festival 2017 powered by Serato

03-09-2017 18:00 - 04-09-2017 00:00
Club Gretchen
Address: Obentrautstraße 19, 10963 Berlin, Deutschland

The „Sample Music Festival“ is a three-day education music festival specializing in turntablism, controllerism and sampling in Berlin. A podium to exchange expert knowledge, discussion, and high quality live performances. Making music by means of sampling will be more transparent and viewed from a theoretical stand- point using: lectures, discussions, workshops and performances by some of the worlds best sample music artists.

FRIDAY 01.09.2017 Generator Hostels
(Storkower Strasse 160, 10407 Berlin)

(Obentrautstrasse 19-21, 10963 Berlin)

SUNDAY 03.09.2017 Club GRETCHEN
(Obentrautstrasse 19-21, 10963 Berlin)